How Assisted Living Can Be the Best Way to Provide Care for Parents

We’d all love to live in our own homes indefinitely, but for many seniors and their adult children, that’s not always realistic. Even when the time comes that they need extra help in their daily lives, many seniors are completely dismissive of moving to assisted living or any kind of senior care. Santa Marta is here to help right the ship and help families better understand why luxury assisted living is the right choice for their aging loved ones in need.

The Positive Side of Assisted Living and Senior Care

Your parent or other aging loved one might be apprehensive about assisted living because of the long-held and misguided perception that it’s a lonely, boring place for people who can’t care for themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth in most modern assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities offer an inclusive, engaging, and safe environment that helps seniors maximize their independence by providing assistance with those elements of their day-to-day lives that have become a challenge.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of assisted living is the level of personalized care and support provided. Residents can decide for themselves how much or how little help they’d like to receive with daily activities like bathing, dressing, housekeeping, medication management, using the bathroom, and more. Plus, assistance is delivered by dedicated team members who develop personal relationships with residents, so they’re cared for by people they know and trust rather than a stranger.

Seniors who stay at home have practically no opportunities to socialize. At an assisted living community, residents have abundant chances to interact with others, participate in social activities and events, and build new friendships. This sense of community and socialization can have a dramatically positive impact on a senior’s mental and emotional well-being.

Beyond what it provides for aging parents, assisted living gives families a unique sense of assurance and peace of mind, knowing their loved one is not only receiving the care they need, but they’re also enjoying a vibrant lifestyle with neighbors and friends.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Think about what your parent’s lifestyle would be like if they lived at home. It would be difficult for them to see friends or meet new people, leading to feelings of isolation. They may not have  opportunities to safely exercise or engage in any kind of intellectual enrichment. They might even find it difficult to move around their own home. Plus, you and your family members would have to coordinate full-time care services.

Now consider what their lifestyle would be like at an assisted living community with these distinct benefits:

  • Physical and mental engagement
    • Assisted living communities offer various amenities that encourage an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Many communities have on-site fitness centers, swimming pools, and classes customized to residents’ physical abilities. Additionally, a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities, resident-led interest groups, and inviting gathering areas with impressive amenities are right outside their door.
  • Nutritious meal plans
    • With guidance from licensed nutritionists, a community’s culinary team ensures residents don’t have to manage their own diet or shop for groceries. A variety of chef-prepared meals are usually offered and are often personalized based on resident preferences.
  • A real sense of community
    • A reliable support system of both fellow residents and team members creates lasting relationships and helps erase fears of isolation. Every day offers opportunities to meet new people, participate in all the activities, and enjoy all the amenities in the community.
  • Easy transportation
    • Safe transportation is an important element for assisted living residents. Communities usually provide scheduled transportation to fun outings, shopping trips, and more, and often offer on-demand transportation services for doctor appointments and family events.
  • Maintenance-free living
    • Living in a community means residents can enjoy their lives without the burdens of home and property maintenance.
  • True independence
    • With all the daily essentials taken care of, residents can enjoy their time and take full advantage of what the community has to offer. While many seniors think moving to assisted living deprives them of their independence, it actually allows them to live how they want with confidence.

The Sooner the Better

Assisted living has evolved into a place that offers residents the opportunity to truly live as they wish. Residents can receive as much or as little assistance as needed, in the safety and privacy of their own apartment home. They have the freedom to engage in activities they enjoy and maintain their independence while receiving the necessary support and care — something almost no one will find when they try to age in place in their current home.

If at all possible, it’s better for many seniors to move into independent living in a community while they’re still able to live on their own, and then seamlessly move into assisted living later on, if necessary. This level of flexibility makes assisted living an attractive option for seniors who may not require full-time care yet, but want the peace of mind that care is right where they live if they ever need it.

Make the Right Choice for Your Parent or Other Loved One at Santa Marta

At Santa Marta, we provide luxury assisted living in Olathe, KS.  where residents can enjoy chef-prepared restaurant-style dining, lifelong learning classes, invigorating fitness activities, and more. On-site conveniences like our beauty salon, state-of-the-art fitness center, heated pool, complimentary scheduled transportation, and many others make it easy for residents to live this chapter of their lives to the fullest. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is committed to ensuring every resident receives the care they need while holding true to their independence and dignity.

To learn more about assisted living at Santa Marta, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call us any time at 913-732-0889. We’re always here to help.