COVID-19 UPDATE | August 20, 2021

Friends and Family of Santa Marta,

As the summer winds to a close we know many of you are busy with children and grandchildren returning to school.  This is both an exciting and uncertain time, as many return to in-person learning for the first time in over a year.  We take this opportunity to remind all visitors of the importance of mask-wearing and hand-hygiene while at Santa Marta and we especially ask you not to visit if you are currently or recently unwell or have symptoms of illness.

Below, is our most recent update for healthcare (previously reported to families and residents) and for our independent living residents.

For Healthcare (AL, MS, Rehab/LTC):  As we have previously shared with residents and families, we had two residents, believed to be unrelated cases, in Assisted Living test positive in the past week.  Through contract tracing, it is believed that one was exposed by an outside provider and the other source is unknown.  Both of those residents continue to receive care on our covid unit.  As of today, all other tests conducted during our outbreak testing were negative, except one outside caregiver, reported earlier this week. Because of that positive, we will conduct two additional rounds of outbreak testing of all residents and staff next week, the first round being conducted on Monday August, 23rd.  As soon as results are received from both rounds of testing, we will share those with residents and families.

As previously mentioned, visitation remains halted in Assisted Living until at least Monday August, 30th while visitation has resumed in Skilled Nursing/Rehab and Memory Support.  At this time, communal dining and activities also remain temporarily halted in Assisted Living.

For Independent Living (IL):  While there have been no changes to our procedures, we ask for the consistent and proper use of mask-wearing by all visitors and vendors at all times while in the community.  Indoor visitations are permitted, as well as resident apartment visits, as long as the resident is fully vaccinated. Full communal dining continues, including the ability to have guests. All of our IL activities will continue uninterrupted. IL residents no longer need to use the kiosk when returning to the campus from an outing. Please use it when returning from out of state. Vaccinated residents no longer need to wear a mask when out of their apartments (except if visiting in healthcare—currently not occurring). Visitors and vendors, as well as staff will continue to wear them.

As a continued reminder, with growing cases in the county and our recent cases at Santa Marta, we again stress the importance of adhering to CDC source control guidelines including wearing your mask at all times, socially distancing from others, frequent hand-washing, and as always, please do not visit the community if you are not feeling well.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our leadership team at with any questions.

Thank you and God bless!

Chet Surmaczewicz