Once Shot by Sniper During WWII, Local Hero Still Going Strong at Santa Marta

Like so many from his generation, Don Dors signed up to fight in World War II as soon as he graduated from high school. Now a resident of Santa Marta, an Olathe retirement community, Dors counts himself among the fortunate ones who returned home. As part of the Army’s “Big Red One,” the First Infantry Division, Dors found himself under sniper fire as he transported around 100 prisoners through the Harz Mountains in Northern Germany. A bullet entered the back of one of his legs, exiting through the knee. Dors received a Purple Heart, and eventually made it home to his native Milwaukee.

Today, Dors lives peacefully at Santa Marta. He enjoys all the community has to offer, and has the respect and admiration of his fellow residents. He’s proud of his service, and of the country he calls home.