5 Ways Senior Living Reduces Stress in Everyday Life

​​You know, the term “independent living community” is a bit of a misnomer if you ask us. Sure, retirement communities like ours are designed to help you live the kind of independent lifestyle you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own or left to your own devices to figure it out.

Our definition of independent living means you’re surrounded by people, services and amenities that allow you to live a less stressful lifestyle. Here’s how:

5 Ways Independent Living Communities Help You Reduce Stress

  1. Enjoy that Maintenance-Free Living
    If you’re the kind of person who loves mowing the yard all summer and who looks forward to shoveling the snow every winter, a senior living community might not be right for you. However, if you’d like a life free of mundane chores like housekeeping, cooking, yardwork, maintenance and repairs, there’s no better place to be. And, of course, you can still cook if you’d like, but you also have the option of dining out without leaving your community. In fact, most retirement communities in the Greater Kansas City area offer multiple dining venues from formal to casual and even grab-and-go or pub fare.
  2. Cultivate Your Personal Passions
    Ever thought about what you’d do if life didn’t keep getting in the way? Well, now’s the time to explore those dreams. With no work to worry about, your life truly is your own. How will you spend your free time? Luxury services, resort-like amenities, and a plethora of new folks to meet means you get to choose where the day will take you. In fact, no two days need be alike. Most independent living communities offer daily activities designed to engage your mental, physical and spiritual needs. Happy Hours, fitness classes, sporting competitions, and all sorts of clubs will keep you active and engaged. When you move to a senior living community, you get more than a place to live. You’ll have bright, vibrant common spaces and activity rooms, as well as landscaped outdoor areas to explore.
  3. Worry About What You’ll Enjoy Next, Not Your Future
    Retirement communities offer peace of mind with their secure entrances, dedicated staff and 24/7 support. They also aid with your nutritional, physical, medical and social needs. Some even have health care options on-site, which means that if you ever need higher levels of care, you won’t have to move to a new community. This can include services such as assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and short-term rehabilitation. You can relax and enjoy the day, knowing that should you need extra support tomorrow, it’s right here waiting for you.
  4. Put Less Stress on Your Family
    Another side effect of having access to higher levels of care is that your family won’t have to worry about you if you ever need extra support. After all, it’s hard to enjoy a reduced stress lifestyle if you’re worried you might be a burden to the ones you love. Some folks worry they may not see their families as much if they move to an independent living community, but in our experience, families often become closer because they can focus on having fun together without worry. Less stress on your family means less stress for you.
  5. Even Short-Term Stays Can Provide Long-Term Benefits
    Maybe you don’t think you’re ready to live full-time at a retirement community. That’s OK. You can still benefit from their lifestyle on a short-term basis. Many communities offer short-term care for seniors to convalesce after a hospital discharge. Some even provide respite care to allow families a break from caregiving. These are excellent ways to preview some of the luxury services you could enjoy on a long-term basis if you decide to make the move to senior living.

Don’t Let Your Home Hold You Back

We’re all going to grow older. If we’re lucky, we get to dictate the way we do it and where we’re going to live. For some of us, that means remaining in our home. We understand this. After all, your home is the setting for many of life’s memories. But eventually the burden of taking care of your home can outweigh the benefits. This is when you should consider your options.

Reduce the Stress. Live at Santa Marta.

It can be hard to appreciate just how senior living can help reduce stress until you’ve made the move. At Santa Marta, community life combines the expansiveness of a resort, the intimacy of home, and the faith-based support of like-minded residents, all of which create a transformative sense of belonging. Our community offers well-tenured staff on 45 acres with private villas and luxurious apartments in Olathe, KS. If you have questions, want to learn more, or are interested in taking a tour, we’d love to connect.